In Denmark I started to work with Panoramas. Not many resulted from the last vacation in 2007. But it grew my interest in panorama photography, which became affordable due to digital stitching instead of specific cameras now. And the wide landscapes of the rather flat Danish countryside invite for this special type of picture creation.
Please note that Java is required to display the panoramas.

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 Bovbjerg Sea Level
Bovbjerg sea level
46 portrait pictures

Steep coast at Bovbjerg Fyr
26 portrait pictures

Sunset at Søndervig Beach
11 landscape pictures

Late night at Nr.Lyngvig Lighthouse
12 portrait pictures

Cold winter morning at Søndervig beach
40 portrait pictures

Blavandshuk Lighthouse
20 portrait pictures

World Championship of Sand Sculptures, Søndervig

Nørre Lyngvig Fyr Lighthouse

Hvide Sande
13 landscape pictures, each a HDR of 3 exposures (39 pictures in total)