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Italy - A Few Words ...

Bon giorno !

"Italy is not our typical route - too Southern actually", one might think taking the descriptions from our love for the Northern countries from the other sections such as Scotland or Sweden.

But Barbara and me, in the meantime also Matteo, are enjoying the quite different type of landscape and people, which Italy provides, as well. It's the Southern way of life, which is fascinating, and you feel the fire behind the Nation everywhere (and from the sky - Italy is essentially warmer making it a favorite location for vacation trips in Germany)

So far, we visited these areas and cities in Italy:

Rome (Roma), the capital of Italy with a vast amount of historical  highlights
Rome belongs to the cities with most flair worldwide (my statement), it's always worth a visit, and you spend hours looking at historic sites, or just sit down at one of the many fountains with a piece of pizza in your hands just bought from one of the close street sales.

Venice (Venezia), the capital of Italy's region Veneto, is lying in the Venetian lagoon and for sure a "City of Water" or "City of Bridges" as often referenced.  It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Lovers enjoy the water gondolas, where unfortunately prices are high and the known song costs extra. However - narrow alleys, historic buildings, lot's of waterways, bridges and known highlights such as Europe's largest urban car free area, the Grand Canal, St Mark's Square, Doge's Palace, Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs are more than worth a visit . Avoid August if possible as it's simply too crowded, and don't drink or eat at extremly touristic places such as St. Mark's square if you are are no millionaire ...

South Tyrol (Südtirol, Trentino, Alto Adige), a natural environment with mountain hiking and wonderful food. It's quite German, nearly all people also speak German there, and you have to try the wonderful food such as Südtirol bacon or Williams pear snaps.

Tuscany (Toskana, Toscana), an awesome Italian experience with world-wide reputation for it's rolling hills, historic sites and cozy villages (besides wine, olive oil and Pecorino cheese). Some well known locations are the Isle of Elba, Pisa, Volterra, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and the Chianti region. It is worthwhile to visit the original small cottages with ancient ambiance, many are built on the tops of the hills (such as Roccatederighi, where we resided during our 2014 trip). Lovers of bathing will find their share at the various coastlines - ranging from rocky sections, where you have to climb down to reach the waterline, to sandy beaches with carribean ambiance. More the nature friend? Many natural parks invite for walks and experience- both inland as well as on the coastlines. One example is the Sterpaia coastal reserve between Piombino and Follonica: A humid forest as remains for the ancient coast of the Maremma. Italian feeling with attractions for any interest.

Garda Lake (Lago di Garda),

a beautiful, but touristic lake, with mountains surrounding the water.
Use the low season, whenever possible, and don't forget to take a tour into the montains around. Examples to try are Monte Baldo on the East side or the two lakes on the West side with exciting hilly terrain: Lago d'Idro and Lago di Ledro - not to be recommended for mobile home drivers. Those are usually little visited even in the high season, when the various beaches around the lake are overcrowded.

You find beautiful pensions around the whole Garda Lake, but we used tent or caravan when being there. On the camping sites you often can also rent a caravan or hut. Our favorite city: Lazise. Our favorite region: South-Eastern area of the Lake with Sirmione, Pesciera, Lazise, Bardolino, Malcesine ...

Link to the "Image-inations" post: Lake Garda images of 2018



   Our latest trip to lake Garda was in June 2014 - ways less crowded than in August, but still extremely hot. The one before - during August 2008 - showed up less fortunate as flooded with tourists, the road around the sea crowded and stop-and-go common feature. In any case the special atmosphere of Lago di Garda trapped us and brought us an enjoyable time once more.

Bona sera,
Your Mr. Mooseman