Denmark Portfolio - WaveArt

Denmark WaveArt - A selection of wave and coastal images depicting the power and force of waves and water of the North Sea as I perceived it during my numerous visits. Targeted changes in contrast and color enforce the power of waves driven by strong sea winds.

Intense water-blue interpretations focus on the forceful and cold waters. Orange and red variations add the impressions of molten magma to the energy of the beating waves. Desaturated full contrast versions and those with extended exposure times add fluxionary and more even-tempered aspects of the otherwise wild coastal appearance of "my" North Sea.

It's not puristic nature photography, it's my nature experience ... and will create controversary perceptions somewhere between "on fire" and "cool motion" -  and reactions on the viewer - let me know your's !






















Stefan Sattler, Mr.Mooseman   -   Last update: 01.05.2011