Picture of the month - December 2006

English Flag Far Winds

Denmark - a country I know since early childhood. It always was and is a refuge of comfort and relaxation for me. The North Sea, small summer cottages - originally often fishermens houses - dunes, the endless width of the coastline, which never ever felt crowded or cramping, long walks, soothing and welcoming.

I did my first travel photography here - with my father's good old Canon AE-1 SLR system - in a very restricted way of course - I was not yet the enthusiast (freak?) that people tell me know. And I killed my first lens - the fine coastal sands and the continous winds took their toll. It nearly happened again this year during another 900km trip to the west coast in Söndervig, where only the quality and sealing of the better quality lenses I own today prevented another damage while photographing a sunset at the North Sea with heavy winds rasing the dune sands.

This picture of the month was taken at the Ringköbing Fjord, which is about 28km long and directly at the North Sea close to the town we had rented our cottage during the one week Pentecost vacation. Visiting a small church on the road between Söndervig and Ringköbing, I used the opportunity to have a walk along the close Fjord's promenade. This was just one motif - the windpark kilometers away in the back and the grasses in front - in between the Fjord water. All of it perspectively compressed with a 400mm focal lenght, so that things seem to move together as if the windmills would be just some meters behind the foreground grasses. Only the wafting air gives an impression of the real distance.

Just another short vacation in this wonderful calming country, but the first time I really encountered the vast amount of objects and landscapes being worth a second look (and picture). It's a matter of time and search ...


Keep on dreaming,
your Mr. Mooseman !