Picture of the month - October 2019

Lazise Morning

Lazise Morning


The early bird catches the worm ... who doesn't know the saying?

Well, I don't like worms for breakfast, neither do I like to stand up early. Latter is not a good precondition for photographers in most cases - the light as you know is most spectacular in morning or evening hours in most cases ...

And there is one more thing to consider: When it comes to human entities such as cities, especially those with a high appeal for photographers AND tourists, the cityscapes tend to burst with human beings during daytime. Something I try to avoid, not only because of extending privacy regulations.

Talking about this image, I was up early, very early considering we just had left about 600km behind as during night to reach our target Lazise at Lake Garda in Italy.

I was tired in fact, but the wonderful harbor, streets and scapes in the silent, but slowly awakening little village showed it's full beauty in the two hours I discovered it - almost alone.

Compared to the same location a few hours later, I really was happy for not having taken a nap in the car as my family did and strike out on my own with the camera instead ...



Lazise Morning

Don't be too tired for photography and be the early bird,

your Mr.Mooseman