Picture of the month - September 2013

Fishing Huts

Flag English Fishing Huts

Swedish Red - "Falu Rödfärg" - originating from the copper mines in Falun, Sweden - can be seen in other Scandinavien countries like Denmark as well:

The fishing huts are located in Ringkøbing harbour, which is today used as sports port. For many centuries it was the only sea port along the West Jutland coastline with access to the North sea North of Blåvandshuk.

It is a romantic part of the cozy town of Ringkøbing, where many photo subjects ask for discovery - a location I always visit when returning another time to the Danish West coast. Next scheduled trip: This winter - let's see how it looks when covered in snow - if there will be one. I'm looking forward to it, as I anticipate the very close trip into Provence.



Fishing Huts

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