Picture of the month - September 2007


Just a bunch of stones of different shape, structure and color in the fine grained sand of the Danish coastline in West Jutland. You can find flint, quartzite, gneiss, porphyry, sandstone and breccia - you can find many types of stone, all well rounded by the eternal power of the water.

You can use them as palm stones, just enjoy the variety of colors, collect them, take lots of them home in overflowing pockets close to rupture. Or you can just take a picture in late evening light, waiting for the rigth moment when the North Sea just releases the view on the still wet ground with some stones spread, partly covered with sand.

The beautiful shapes, some completely round, others still showing corners and edges during the ongoing process of grinding, have passed many generations of human life until reaching their current outlook - an eternal period from private point of view, just a twinkling of an eye in earth time.

This picture is dedicated to my very good friend Reiner who just has departed us unexpectedly and much too early.


Carpe Diem,
your Mr. Mooseman !