Picture of the month - July 2020

The way to number 5

The way to number 5


While a majority of my work is landscapes, nature and animals, travel and experimental, architecture was always part of my photographic work in some way, mainly buildings from the outside.

When writing the last line, I realized myself what I was saying and reflected the magnitude of my thoughts realted to photography- it shows the size of opportunities - and endless source.

That's finally my fascination - there is no end. And by not limiting myself to any genre, it doesn't make my work eternal, but challenging. Sure - when focussing on less you can perfect in that area. But I am too restless:-)

This image attracted my attention for the non-rectangular lines and the color contrast induced by the micture of artifical and naturla - window based - light.

Number 5 sends it's greetings. I had shortly to think of the comic science fiction film called "Nummer 5 lebt!" - "Number 5 is alive!" (The original English title "Short circuit" is completely different).

I am sure my photography is still alive, and hopefully will be for a long time.


The way to number 5

Have fun with the manifoldness of photographic genres,

your Mr.Mooseman