Picture of the month - July 2007


It's still the fun on using creative possibilities of computer based picture manipulation - and to create images such as I had in mind for years, but never could create them.

This added to my love for Nordic countries including Denmark nearly forced me to continue my "in art" style I started with pictures from Ireland also for images from our last Denmark vacation in 2006.

No objects are removed or added in this picture, just partial changes in saturation, contrast and softening were used with the common goal of the series: Getting photographic images with a touch of a painting, slightly mystic and  melancholic sometimes.

The original image of the summer cottage called "Vaevestuen", translated weavers workshop, revealed a typical house style in the area - partly stone, partly wood, and the characteristic reed tiled roof. This little house I know for pretty much of my whole life, since my parents first time visited Denmark - the affection for the country stayed and the photography opens new ways of modelling the memories.


Keep on playing,
your Mr. Mooseman !