Picture of the month - June 2017

Lolas Favorite

Lolas Favorite


As far as I can judge, Lola - our Brittany Spaniel - is not in favor of lighthouses (as her master is).

I tried it once - a long, spiral stairway bringing both of us up to the top level of a large tower in Italy. I was pretty sure afterwatds, that Lola was not amused and happy to get down again into a shadowed area behind the tower. She also didn't enjoy another tour into a lighthouse, where she had to wait at the foot of the final steep steps leading to the surrounding balcony at the height of the Fresnel lens.

But I am absolutely sure she is in favor of long walks along the sandy beaches in West Jutland - or up and down and along the dunes.

Actually - I am in favor of both. Maybe one of the many things why we and so many other dog owners come back to the rough Dansih North Sea over and over again.


Lolas Favorite

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