Picture of the month - May 2018

Fainted Harbor

Fainted Harbor


Harbors always had a certain kind of magic. The smell is unique, a mixture of water, fish and oil. The sound of waves, rocking boats clashing against the piers and seagulls.

And area to prowl around or just sit down for a while and observe the hustle and bustle of a working fishing harbor and the gulls searching for leftovers from the last successful fishing hauls.

And finally endless opportunities for images - scapes, boats, details.

And maybe the creativíty didn't stop when shooting and you continue in the night at the notebook creating an image appearing more like a painting than an image ... electronic image processing can be wonderful.

The magic still remains and the memories will not fade just as the image seems to.


Fainted Harbor

Just go and create your images,

your Mr.Mooseman