Picture of the month - April 2020

Limited Landing Zone

Limited Landing Zone


When arriving at Lake Garda after about 600km night drive through Germany, Austria and Italy, we decided to take some sleep at a parking lot in Lazise, it was about 4 am.

Sleeping in a car is not the most comfortable thing to do. After a long time on the freeways and being out of teenage years, I decided to better take a walk than rolling around on the front seat to find a less unpleasant position.

Camera bag packed, I enjoyed the morning hours in Lake Garda's spring time. I love to be out when cities are uncrowded, long before the hectic of the day will come (of after it already disappeared). Some kind of lonesome cowboy syndrome maybe?

Well, for photography it's the best choice. Besides no distracting people on the images, you can inhale the secrets of the environment mostly undisturbed.

On this morning - being pretty exhausted in fact - I caught some wonderful impressions of the town, the harbor, boats, reflections - and this cormorant.

He appeared to love the early morning as much as I did. Being quite some distance from the inner area of Lazise at the outer harbor range, he had any time to land and lounge on the buoy and exercise some wing stretching. Him and his rest were the only contrasting things on the misty lake.

A wonderful experience in total with no regrets to use the early hours for photography instead of sleeping.


Limited Landing Zone

And again - the early bird catches the light,

your Mr.Mooseman