Picture of the month - January 2012

Winter Haziness - Winterdunst

  Winter Haziness


It was a year ago when we had visited Denmark during wintertime over New Years Eve. Denmark - one of my travel passions - captivated my continuous interest already in early childhood. Not surprising that a numerous number of visits during summertime was followed by spring and winter travels.

A country and its landscapes reveal new faces in the course of the year. Differences can be essential, so I believe it is necessary to spend several trips to an area of special interest if you really want to perceive and feel it and it's beauty.

This image opened a new scenery of a known landscape near Bøvlingbjerg with an outlook to Trans Kirke. Haze, heavy,  chilling winds and soft warm pastel colors were so much different to the summery impression with it's clean colors, lilac sea thrifts, yellow rape fields and lush green meadows. The red lighthouse itself seemed unchanged though.

It is exactly that lighthouse - Bovbjerg Fyr - on which I stand taking this photo - looking in direction of the church with a short tele resulting in this compressed image space - lighthouse and church are about 2 kilometers apart. A beautiful walk in summertime, but gladly avoided in wintertime.

Luckily the lighthouse offers cake and warm drinks in it's small cafe. After a walk out at the rough coastline and up the lighthouse to the gallery level, where the wind feels colder than on groundlevel, a hot chocolate or coffee was very welcome.

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