1226 - Beachgrass dune - Strandhafer Düne

Beachgrass dune
Strandhafer Düne

Lathyrus maritimus
Beach pea

Söndervig, Holmsland Klit, West Jutland, Denmark, Europe

European beachgrass is the most common plant to be found on dunes at the Danish North Sea. With pointed ends the robust grass can displeasingly puncture hands and feet. It's one of the few plants resistant enough to survive the harsh, sandy and salty environment. It is very useful, keeping the dunes stable, securing the sand against the heavy winds. Being there in spring I also found the beautiful beach pea at several places, accompanying the sturdy, omnipresent grass.

EOS30D, EF 10-22/3,5-4,5 USM @ 10mm, 1/200 F8, ISO100; RAW